[ARC-033] Underwater Escape From The Black Hole – No Amount of Light Can Fix This

Yes. Another release for you. This one is from Dubuque artist (and Noisy Arcade attendant) Underwater Escape From The Black Hole. If you’ve heard his other stuff you know what to expect (and I don’t mean that in a negative way). What he does is brilliant. Drone Kingdom. Fuzz Hell. Electronic rhythm madness.

I’ll take that anyday.

It’s the kind of music you can dance and/or destroy yourself to (“Only if You Want to” is a great example.) The first track came from a remix competition we both participated in. Oh, and these songs have some great as shit basslines. Get ready for some grooving mixed with some droning.

I respect this guy a lot-he’s as nice as they come. Give him some props and download it now.