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Recent Releases

[ARC-055] Bode Radio – Dust Bowl Masquerade

boderadio album cover dust bowl 1

Well this is something. Bode Radio’s first release with Noisy Arcade is quite possibly the most well produced album on this site. It sounds and feels incredible. It sounds as [...]

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[ARC-054] valu4CFB – afm

valu4CFB - afm

Surprise! Today we have a debut release from valu4CFB. This comes only one week after our fantastic previous release by LBN667, and in another 7 days we’ll have ARC-055 ready [...]

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It Came From Soundcloud: Ball2000′s Brilliant EP

Soundcloud is wonderful. Well, no. Scratch that. Soundcloud drives people away from netlabels and it’s why we’re dying over here at Noisy Arcade. Soundcloud sucks. Denial and frustration aside, Soundcloud [...]

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GIRL ONE AND THE GREASE GUNS 7″ on Squirrel Records

GIRL ONE AND THE GREASE GUNS are releasing an upcoming 7″ on Squirrel Records.They’ve been described as (and I’m quoting someone else here) “Bands such as The Jesus And Mary [...]

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